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Graphic/Televisual Screen Displays

Most businesses have televisions in them nowadays – Why not make those televisions work for YOU? Your business is important, make your clients realise just how important it is to them as well!

Utilise our unique on-screen presentation service, ensure your customers are well informed of all the services your business has to offer, use it to communicate with your clients, make them aware of special offers.

It’s a proven fact that the majority of peoples’ eyes are drawn towards animated images on a tv screen, people often walk past posters barely noticing them, leaflets are largely ignored. Our service provides you with a carefully prepared, custom made on-screen display designed specifically for YOUR business. Your customers will immediately feel more involved, therefore appreciated and welcomed. This in turn will assist in return business for you.

For pubs, restaurants and clubs, you could also use it to advertise all the live music events appearing at your venue, advertise any live sport being shown on tv (we even do all the legwork finding out what fixtures are on and when), displaying visual representations of your menu etc.

Company Logos

One of the most important things you need for your company is a sense of identity. A good logo can make all the difference between a customer being intrigued to find out more about your business or clicking on the next link.

An eye catching design is vital in attracting people to your business, we will work closely alongside you to help you expand on your ideas and offer ideas and solutions. We can also help you create a corporate identity to ensure a consistent approach.

Powerpoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations can either make or break your business meetings – Done properly, they can help hammer home the points you wish to make in your meeting, thus making your message memorable and something that your attendees take on board. Done badly and all they will do is send your audience asleep.

We can ensure that the message you need to spread follows your corporate style, yet remains something that will keep the interest of your colleagues.

Merchandising/Point of Sale Material

Do you produce your own products? Why not let us help you create an identity for them? We can assist in all aspects of creating point of sale materials as well as ways of advertising it.


Want to produce leaflets for your business? We can assist in all the design elements and formatting, as well as ensuring your message is clear.

Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Covers

We can provide professional looking covers for all these formats – perfect for wedding/family gathering DVD’s, band demo CD’s etc. We will happily work alongside videographers to ensure we capture the important aspects for the artwork of your cover, or perhaps even create a unique piece of artwork.

We are sorry, but we will not produce covers for copyrighted material without the express written permission and consent of the copyright holder.